Amazon's Selling A Ton Of These Cheap Things That Make Your Home 10x Cozier

2023-02-26 05:10:18 By : Ms. Sylvy Leung

You may never want to leave the house again.

Bare floors, cold drafts, and a bed that feels no more comfortable than a piece of plywood — if any of that describes your living space, it’s time to upgrade with these things that make your home cozier. This roundup of hygge-inspired finds includes clever ways to make your bed feel like a marshmallow, hacks to fend off frigid indoor temperatures, and decor accents that will turn your place into an oasis of calm you’ll never want to leave. Pink Memory Foam Bath Mat


Your home isn’t meant to be austere — so cuddle up on the couch and scroll through this list for ways to make it more cozy and enjoyable.

Don’t underestimate the power of a good pillow when it comes to making your bed a cradle of comfort. Boasting a 4.6-star overall rating on Amazon (and a Bustle shopping editor favorite), this cushy pillow is filled with shredded memory foam — remove as much (or add extra) to get the height you want. The plush quilted covers is made from cooling bamboo rayon. “Possibly the best pillow I have ever slept on,” one reviewer wrote.

A set of full-length curtains can do a lot to tie a room together, but they can be practical, too. For example, these linen curtains are thermal-insulated which means you’ll be less likely to lose heat (or air conditioning) through your windows. Plus, blackout panels on the back work to block light from entering your room — perfect for Saturday morning sleeping-in sessions.

“Like sleeping in a fluffy cloud,” one reviewer wrote about this pillow-top mattress pad. Filled with plush down alternative, this quilted mattress pad is an instant way to transform your bed — without investing in a whole new mattress. Suitable for mattresses from 8 to 21 inches deep, it features elastic around the entire hem, so it’s virtually guaranteed to stay put during the night.

A fabric shower curtain is a sure way to warm up the feel of a cold, tiled bathroom — and this one has a luxe waffle weave for even more texture. Soft and waterproof, it comes in muted tones and features a weighted hem that keeps it in place. Rust-resistant grommets make it easy to hang on your existing hooks.

Multiple reviewers have called this fleece throw blanket the “softest blanket ever,” and it’s just the thing you’ll want to snuggle up with when you’re watching TV. Featuring a plush, waffle design, it comes in a range of colors like champagne, charcoal, and magenta. Drape it over your favorite easy chair so you can grab it whenever you catch a shiver.

The next time you make a big batch of soup, portion it out into the wells of this freezing tray — then you can pop out a serving whenever the weather calls for a hot lunch. Made from flexible, dishwasher-safe silicone, each well holds up to 1 cup. And since the tray is heat-resistant 415 degrees Fahrenheit, you can also use this to make mini loaves of banana or zuchini bread.

Perpetually cold hands? This rechargeable hand warmer will make your life better. Made from smooth, aircraft-grade aluminum, it features three heat settings so you can wrap your fingers around toasty warmth. It’s also got one surprising benefit: It doubles as a portable phone charger when you’re on the go.

The design of this bath pillow is a step above the rest — and it’s so comfy, you might never get out of the water. It features ultra-thick cushioning to cradle your shoulders, along with a neck roll that provides targeted support. The cover is made from mesh, which is equal parts breathable and fast-drying. Secure it to your tub and settle in for a long soak.

Like napping on the couch? Get even cozier with these throw pillow covers made from plush faux fur. So soft to the touch, they feature hidden zippers for a streamlined look. Just slip them over your existing pillows for an instant update.

When it comes to creating a cozy feeling at home, lighting is everything. You can use this smart dimmer switch to adjust light brightness, both on the switch itself as well as on a mobile app. You can even use the app to set scheduels and create modes that dim the lights slowly. What’s more, it’s Alexa-compatible for voice control.

A cozy night watching movies isn’t complete without a delicious bowl of popcorn — and this microwaveable popper makes it easier than ever to whip up a big batch. It makes up to 15 cups in just a few minutes, no butter or oil required (although you can add some if you want). It’s dishwasher-safe and collapses for storage — i.e., no space hog here.

Slipping into bed is a delicious experience when you have these jersey-knit sheets that feel just like your favorite vintage tee (the one you want to wear every day). The soft and stretchy sheets are super cozy, but since they’re made from 100% cotton, they maintain breathability, so you won’t overheat. Choose from classic T-shirt colors like gray, white, and navy.

Proof that a space heater doesn’t have to look utilitarian, this one has a sleek midcentury aesthetic, replete with a white color scheme and angled wood legs. Of course, it doesn’t just look good — it also works like a charm. Along with two heat settings, it has a fan mode, so you can also use it to keep cool in summer. Overheat and tip-over protection work to enhance safety.

Whether you hang it in your bedroom or on the patio, this fairy light curtain will add a magical sparkle to your space. The 10-foot curtain has eight lighting modes, like twinkle, flash, and slow fade. A timer lets you schedule the lights to go on and off at certain times of day.

Instead of running around in the shower to get wet, install this rainfall showerhead with a generous 8-inch diameter. The 90 silicone jets provide a high-pressure stream, while the neck can be angled to your preferences. Made from rust-resistant stainless steel, it comes in upmarket finishes like matte black and gold.

This Himalayan salt lamp gives off a warm, amber glow that gives any space a more intimate feel, but it has big benefits even beyond that. Himalayan salt is thought to emit negative ions which help purify the air and promote calm, peaceful feelings — much like salty sea air. Hand-carved to look like a rose, it has a dimmer switch so you can customize the brightness.

Reviewers have raved that this down alternative comforter is “incredibly soft” and “very fluffy but lightweight.” Surprisingly? It’s easy on the wallet, too. Perfect for all-season use, it’s quilted to keep the fill in place, and the four corner tabs let you add a duvet — although you can also choose from a handful of colors and striped patterns if you prefer to keep things simple.

Instead of braving the outdoors in order to procure a latte , try making your own coffee drinks at home with this milk frother. Made from stainless steel, the two-speed frother whips up foam in a quick 15 seconds. Use it to make frothy cocktails, blend protein shakes, and aerate eggs before scrambling, too.

With this bathtub tray, you’ll have everything you need within arm’s reach — so you can keep soaking for hours. Made from water-resistant bamboo, it extends to fit over most tubs and features specific holders, so you can keep all your essentials close by (think: a phone, wine glass, tablet, and soap).

Cozy up to a hot cup of afternoon tea — without firing up the stove — with this electric kettle. Also perfect for pour-over coffee, the cordless kettle is made from heat-resistant glasss with stainless steel accents. It sits on a heating base that boils the water within a quick five to seven minutes.

Squeeze in an aromatherapy session while you suds up with these shower steamers. Infused with essential oils, the tablets release scented vapors when the steam hits them, providing a spa-like experience. The set of six includes scents like mood-brightening peony and pear, calming lemongrass and coconut, and sinus-clearing menthol and eucalyptus.

A bed skirt adds softness and dimension to your bedroom — and it also hides anything you might be storing under the frame. This bed skirt has a minimalist pleated design that looks tailored and elegant. Machine-washable, it has a 14-inch length that’s compatible with most bed frames.

You don’t have to save candlelight for holidays or romantic dinners — these tapers are wallet-friendly so you can use them every night of the week. The dripless, smokeless candles burn for up to eight hours each, so you’ll get plenty of use from them. They come in classic colors like ivory, as well as fun shades like pink, turquoise, and royal blue.

Wrapping your fingers in a plush towel might make you want to wash your hands a little more — and this set of Turkish cotton towels is perfect for the job. Ultra-absorbent, they’re lightweight, soft, and come in a range of colors to blend in seamlessly with your bathroom. One reviewer enthused, “If you love soft, plush towels that feel wonderful on your skin look no further!”

Those tiny cracks between the window and windowsill? They’re letting in cold air. Use this weather-sealing tape to provide extra insulation. Transparent and residue-free, it has pressure-sensitive adhesive that provides an airtight seal. It’s a great way to keep your energy bill down, and is also helpful for blocking smog and dust.

There’s nothing less cozy than waking up in the middle of the night to discover the fitted sheet has come off the mattress and is crumpled up beneath you. Keep that from happening with these bed sheet straps. A lot like suspenders, the adjustable straps hold each corner of your bottom sheet taut, so it’s guaranteed not to budge while you’re snoozing. Each clip has a built-in pad, so it won’t damage your linens.

No need to build a bonfire — you can use this electric s’mores maker to make toasty sandwich treats around your kitchen table. There’s no flame and no smoke (i.e., it’s super safe), and the compartments are perfect for graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows. You even get roasting forks, so you won’t have to raid the closet for wire hangers.

Upgrade your tea ritual by storing all your loose packets and sweeteners in this tea organizer. Made from eco-sustainable bamboo, it has 10 compartments, so you’ll have plenty of space for your Earl Grey, oolong, and rooibos. The clear window on top protects everything from dust and crumbs.

Turn an evening in front of the fireplace into a mystical time with these Magical Flames. The packets add a rainbow of colors to your fire for up to one hour, and all you have to do is toss them onto the wood pile. You can use them indoors or at your next outdoor bonfire.

Stepping out of the shower and onto the bathroom floor is arguably the least cozy aspect of the day. Rectify that small tragedy by placing this cushy memory foam bath mat on the tile. Covered in super soft microfiber, it features a nonslip base that keeps it from sliding around. “This is literally the best bathroom mat I've ever had in my entire life,” one reviewer raved.

Felines are experts on the coziness front — but you can give yours a hand by gifting them with this natural wool cat cave. With a hollow interior that makes for a perfect hiding place, it’s soft and flexible — which means your kitty can also lounge on top. Plus, the understated design is decidedly more chic than most cat furniture.

Turn your moisturizing routine into a legitimate spa experience by using this heated body lotion dispenser. In just two minutes, it heats your hand or body cream of choice, so it absorbs more easily (and so you won’t be stunned by a slather of cold lotion). Just plug it in the moment you exit the shower and get ready to pamper your skin.

You deserve to drink coffee that’s hot until the very last drop — so pour your morning brew into one of these insulated coffee mugs. Made from stainless steel, the double-walled cups help maintain your beverage’s temperature, and the included lids help prevent spills when you’re on the road. The mugs are BPA-free and dishwasher-safe.

This faux fur area rug looks like it came straight out of a luxe Swiss chalet — place it in front of the fireplace or right next to your bed. The high-pile shag rug provides a soft landing place for feet, and the nonslip backing keeps it in place on hard-surface floors. Machine-washable, it comes in natural-looking colors like gray and white, as well as fun shades like navy blue and pink.

If you sleep on your side and can’t get comfortable, this memory foam knee pillow might be what’s missing. Ergonomically contoured, it aligns your back, hips, and knees, and prevents bone-on-bone stress. Cushy and supportive, it’s available in two sizes and comes with a machine-washable cover.

Aroma goes a long way when it comes to creating a cozy space, and this essential oil diffuser is a budget-friendly way to go about it. It has two mist settings — continuous and intermittent — and shuts off automatically when it runs out of water. The built-in night-light adds a soothing effect and you can toggle between seven color options. Just pick up a set of essential oils and get ready to relax.

Prop yourself up in bed with this reading pillow and dive into your latest page-turner. The pillow is packed with shredded memory foam — remove as much (or as little) as you like to get your desired amount of support. The velour cover is mega-soft and the handle makes it easy to tote from room to room.

Soak up the sun, no matter the season or time of day, with this sunset projection lamp. The tiny lamp casts a solar-inspired image on any wall, and 180-degree adjustment lets you aim it where you want it. This is the perfect way to add mood lighting to your evening — or just to cheer up a dreary, overcast day.

Nothing warms up your space like a good scented candle — and this one comes in fragrances like apple cinnamon, espresso bean, and tobacco, spice, and vanilla. Made from clean-burning soy with a cotton wick, the jarred candle comes with a lid to shield it from dust between uses. One reviewer wrote, “I could smell this scent before I even got the box open and it is heavenly!”


Microfiber Floor Mat With this bedside organizer, you may never have to leave the comfort of your fluffy comforter. Available in understated linen tones like charcoal, cream, and espresso, the four-pocket caddy is ideal for remote controls, books, tablets, and your water bottle. Just slip the sturdy panel between your mattress and bed frame.