100% Polyester Knitting Fabric Bonded Fleece Jacket Fabric

Company Main Product- Flame Retardant Fabric-Antistatic Fabric-Acid&Alkali Resistant Fabric-Oil and Water Repellent Fabric-Flame Retardant WorkwearPrinciple & Function of Acid & Alkali FabricThe acid&Alkali Resistant fabric mainly prevents pesonal damage from chemical agents such as acids and alkalis, extending t

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Company Main Product

- Flame Retardant Fabric
-Antistatic Fabric
-Acid&Alkali Resistant Fabric
-Oil and Water Repellent Fabric
-Flame Retardant Workwear

Principle & Function of Acid & Alkali Fabric
The acid&Alkali Resistant fabric mainly prevents pesonal damage from chemical agents such as acids and alkalis, extending the time which acid penetrates from the cloth surface into skin.It makes acid adhered to the inner cloth surface, with the stength becoming weaker after acid erosion and stronger acid fracturing borne. It mainly applies to industries such as chemical engineering, metallurgy,minerals,geology, electrolytic plating, textile printing and paper-making, etc., providing protective fabric for profession in exposure to acids, alkalis and other chemical agents. 

Flame Retardant Fabric
The fabric can not only prevent the spread of flames in an efficient way but also protect the original natural of the textiles, by means of special production & technical treatment.

Flame Retardant Fabric Test
EN11611(EN470-1): The latest European standard welding standard, take the place of EN470 standard.
EN11612(EN531): Under the environment of high temperature, operation workers flame retardant protective clothing standard.
EN14116(EN533): Tooling protective clothing - related fabrics and composite - insulation, or - short spreading combustion performance testing.

100% Polyester Knitting Fabric Bonded Fleece Jacket Fabric

FR Cotton Series

Cotton Flame Retardant Twil Fabric
Cotton Flame Retardant Sateen Fabric
Cotton Flame Retardant Plain Fabric
Cotton Flame Retardant Canvas Fabric
Cotton Flame Retardant Denim Fabric

Industry Use

Products are widely used in Petroleum and Chemical, Metallurgical, Coal, Forestry, Traffic, Civil, Defense and other industries.

100% Polyester Knitting Fabric Bonded Fleece Jacket Fabric


Due to the Permanent flame retardancy, Cotton flame retardant fabric have broadly application prospect. 
It is understood that the scope of application of cotton flame retardant fabric is very wide, in addition to industrial textiles, building decoration, interior decoration and other traffic tools play an irreplaceable role in the field of protective clothing, also played a role of flame retardant protective clothing,flame retardant fabric clothes have excellent washing performance, non-toxic to human body. Safe and reliable, breathable, soft, comfortable to wear.

Huntsman Pyrovatex CP treated light weight EN11612 210GSM flame resistant fabrics
Fabric content100%cottonStyle3/1 Twill
Fabric weight230GSMFabric width57/58''
FRCOTTON Series textile, is one line of FR Series for
Industrial workwear which is in pure cotton.

Excellent advantages

1. Permanent flame retardant performance
2. Excellent shrinkage under industry washing cycles
3. Pure cotton, ECO-friendly Okeo Tex-100

4. Comfortable to wear, no smell
5. Heavy item FRCOTTON 220AS suitable for welder workwear


It is specialized used for professional welders clothing in different areas such as Machinery, Metallurgy, Oil and Gas Pipeline construction, Automotive etc.


EN 11611(EN470-1) -welding
EN 11612(EN531) -industrial flame and heat hazards
EN14116(EN 533) index 3- heat and flame retardant


100% Polyester Knitting Fabric Bonded Fleece Jacket Fabric

FR Features of Light weight Cotton Plain Lining Flame Retardant Fabric
Permanent Flame Retardant
EN ISO 11611
EN ISO 11612(EN531) A1&2
EN ISO 14116 index 3/5H/60

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100% Polyester Knitting Fabric Bonded Fleece Jacket Fabric


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