The 14 most popular winter coats for pregnant women this season-PureWow

2021-11-26 09:18:01 By : Mr. Hui Zhang

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Congratulations you are pregnant... and need a brand new wardrobe. Yes, motherhood will keep you alert, and the fun begins before the bread in your oven is completely baked. On this point, let's talk about that beloved winter jacket that you squandered last year, but can't pull your belly anymore. Better yet, we don't want it. Instead, check our list of the best winter coats for pregnant women and find a new (and legally fashionable) cold weather workhorse for yourself-because you know the temperature will drop before the baby is born.

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This stylish hooded parka is from the well-known maternity brand Seraphine (Kate Middleton's favorite, NBD), making you feel comfortable and warm throughout the winter, looking like an invisible spot. In fact, the detachable kangaroo-style panel means that this figure will make your figure more attractive at every stage of pregnancy, from barely appearing to about to be popular, even when you grow from baby to baby wear. In other words, you will get a lot of value-for-money products.

This parka coat is made of luxurious 80% down padding and waterproof shell, with a removable hood and windshield to keep you warm and dry in any weather. In addition, the adjustable waist circumference prevents you from looking like a bag of potatoes during and after pregnancy. Oh, it can also be machine washed-but it's just the icing on the cake. Suppose the puppy has won serious points in both form and function.

The price of this parka is a bit high, but if you can swing, it is a worthwhile investment. For starters, once the baby is born, you don’t have to retire it with the rest of the maternity wardrobe because the front expansion board is both adjustable and detachable. Yes, you can customize the fit to fit your growing lumps, and then when you no longer have a bowling bowl in your belly, turn your coat into a normal coat. In addition, the panel can also be used with a baby carrier, and it will provide you with some privacy if you have to take care of a newborn when you are out. Finally, the down and feather filling of this coat is very warm, although the fare indicates that you can even skip the dry cleaner and choose a washing machine when it is dirty.

If you don't want to buy down jackets and fluffy things in the market, we recommend that you try on this sharp-looking duffle coat to fit the size. The A-shaped silhouette of this wool-blend jacket will modify your figure in the first trimester of pregnancy, while leaving enough room for bigger and bigger baby bumps. In addition, the design details (think: toggle opening and wide detachable hood) are very chic, so you certainly don't have to worry about looking sloppy in the colder months. Note: The consensus is that this style is too big...but having to reduce the size during pregnancy is not a bad thing, is it?

This wool-blend beauty product has a stylish silhouette and an eye-catching stand-up collar that will make you look long and thin when you feel uncomfortable. The full-length, breastfeeding extension board will also help you throughout your pregnancy and afterwards Provide good service. Bonus: This jacket also gives you the option to completely remove the panel, which means you can continue to rock this timeless look, well, timeless (ie, even if the postpartum period is in the rearview mirror).

This cream-colored patterned coat exudes a retro atmosphere that we can't resist, and it has a nice soft feel. (In fact, this material is very dreamy, provided that you live in a relatively mild winter.) The wide neckline and multiple pockets (chest and side slits) are other distinguishing features of this chic coat . A solid, affordable and refreshing fashion choice.

Recognize this? Well, this may be because this Orolay parka, usually called "Amazon coat", has been a best-selling online product since 2018. The darling of this outerwear world is not a special maternity dress, but it is so cool-the school, the oversized style leaves plenty of room for the baby belly, and is 100% pregnant. In addition, it has a fleece-lined hood, a windproof and waterproof shell, and a lot of duck down padding-so basically, if you are born for this, you and your unborn baby will be wrapped in a comfortable cocoon.

This spacious swing jacket is perfect for plus size and maternity wear. It is feminine, soft to the touch, and very fashionable. (We are funnel-necked fools). There is nothing too fancy here-only comfortable wool, a flattering shape and deep pockets to keep your paws warm. In other words, this option will complete the work this winter-and the start-up price is unbeatable.

The maternity dress panel of this polyester-filled down jacket uses a 3-in-1 design that covers all the basics-including the embarrassing stage when your lumps are not big enough to fit a mature maternity dress but look like ordinary clothes that are severely bloated. (We know you know what we are talking about.) Yes, this beauty will make you look great and feel warm before, during and after pregnancy, because it is suitable for breastfeeding and baby wear. The only gain? This coat can only be dry cleaned-so, well, try to avoid spitting if you can.

Here, a comfortable wool-blend jacket has a fashionable modern beauty and comfortable style. This product also has many successful details-that is, the deep slanted pocket can warm your hands throughout the winter, and the combination of an oversized (removable) hood and stand-up collar can protect you from bad weather. This is the perfect compromise between fashion and something that really fits.

This exquisite and comfortable teddy bear jacket is made of medium-weight Sherpa material, with a wide hood and snap button placket, which complements high fashion and Snuggie. The design can even be used with the biggest baby bumps. We are a big fan of casual but cool and comfortable styles. In other words, this is not our first choice, for example, a blizzard-so maybe just put it under "Winter on the West Coast".

If you have seen a maternity dress with an extension board, you have already seen it. This is something a bit unique-a down jacket that can achieve the same goal, but with a side zipper. (Because why not?) Yes, you can simply unzip the zippers on both sides of this quilted polyester puffer fish to give your growing baby more breathing space. In addition, the shorter lengths that are warm this winter are completely popular now.

Before you participate in the holiday party tour, put on this elegant hoop coat and create the channel style icon Jackie O. You can wear this knee-length dress or wear it down depending on the occasion-which is a good thing considering the price tag-and the tailored fit is a far cry from the marshmallow look for pregnant women that we are all afraid of. The only downside is that if you make it your preferred coat, then extended outdoor time in cold temperatures may not appear.

This long mushroom coat is perfect for everyday wear, and the loose fit is very cool. The soft and thick polyester material, fixed hood and oversized design keep you and your hips warm throughout the winter, while the belt ensures that you will never lose your figure. takeout? If you are looking for a lovely and versatile maternity coat that will not break the bank, then this one is the winner.

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